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Martial Arts Classes

Our mission is to give students a modern understanding of self defense.  From standing and striking to ground grappling, our students are prepared for any situation.  More importantly, we focus on developing our students' character to instill the 5 tenants of Tae Kwon Do: Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.  All new students get a week of classes free to see the quality of our program.  Getting started is easy.  Simply click the make appointment button, and select the day and class time that work best for you.  We're looking forward to seeing you on the mat. 

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Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

1.  Confidence - Kids who know how to defend themselves are confident.  They build that confidence not only by learning new skills in class, but also by successfully completing their belt exams.  

2.  Respect - It's part of everything that kids learn in the class environment.  Respect for the instructor, fellow classmates, and the school itself help students to be respectful at home and school.

3.  Goal Setting - Kids who learn to set and achieve goals early in life are shown to be happier and more successful adults.  Students set goals to improve skills and eventually reach their next rank.

4.  Coachability - Kids that are used to constructive criticism are more likely to master whatever activity they take on.  Being coachable is the single most important factor in becoming a leader.

5.  Leadership - Low belt students learn about leadership from higher ranking students that help them during class.  The Dojang is a place of inclusion that builds leaders.

6.  Conflict Resolution - Students learn how to resolve conflict.  Our main goal is to resolve conflict with non-violence.  Our students are given the tools to diffuse conflict without having to get physical.  Should the need for physical self-defense arise, students will have an answer for every situation.  

7.  Athleticism - Kids who train martial arts develop stamina, agility, and flexibility that gives them an advantage in team sports.  

Benefits for Adults

1.  Physical Fitness - One of the absolute best benefits of martial arts is the variety of ways it improves fitness.  Every class offers something different.  Variety keeps the fitness process fun, which makes you more likely to stick with it.

2.  Mental Toughness - Martial Arts guides students through the ability to push past their preconceived limits.  This process builds mental toughness, which translates to all other areas of life.

3.  Stress Release - As adults, our lives are filled with stress.  There is no better stress reliever than striking a bag, or getting a good workout.  Students also learn breathing techniques though meditation, which can be used in everyday life.  The better we are at relieving stress, the happier and healthier lives we lead.

4.  Emotional Control - An extremely important skill for adults is feeling, accepting, and controlling our emotions.  At some point during your martial arts journey, you will feel anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety.  Dealing with these emotions helps students to grow mentally.  It also helps in your everyday life when dealing with others, from workplace discussions to family disagreements.

5.  Self Defense and the Confidence that comes with it - Having an answer to any "what if" questions about self defense changes the way you look at the world.  It changes the way you carry yourself and interact with others.  It brings a greater sense of calm and sureness in tense situations.  Developing confidence without ego is one of the best things martial arts has to offer.

Our Program

We believe that our students should have a modern understanding of self defense with the values of traditional martial arts.  Our program will teach you all aspects of self defense.  Students will learn how to execute and defend punches and kicks, as well as standing and ground grappling.  Our dedicated approach will make sure to always give students a challenge that is appropriate to their level.  All new students get a week to try classes for free, so you can see what our program can do for you.  Make an appointment, and we'll see you on the mat!

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