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Our experience with Evo has been, and continues to be exceptional.

Aside from learning the martial art of TKD, and the respect and discipline that goes with it, my grandson has become a better student thanks to their After-School and now, All Day School programs. By the time I pick him up from EVO, he has completed all his online class work, his homework, his TKD training, and most days even had time to enjoy "Free time" where he has access to video games, board games and social interaction. 

The staff is genuine, caring, compassionate and strict. The facility is extremely well maintained and follows all CDC guidelines during this troublesome time of COVID.

Master Kyle and Ms. Vanessa have worked very hard to love and support our children in all arenas of their lives and quite simply, have become our Family of Heart...

I highly recommend EVO to everyone.

Georgi S.

WE LOVE EVO TKD!!! We started off with TKD classes then my boys spent 3 fun filled summers at EVO TKD summer camp and are now in their 3rd year of the after school program. The kids are always ahead when they start each year of school because of the supplemental learning they do during the summer. They even somehow make that fun for the kids.

We are treated like family and it's such a relief to know they are in a safe place while we work. They have been a big part of our "village" to raise respectful young men. It's definitely a great place and I can't thank Mrs. Vanessa and Master Kyle enough for being so good to these kids!

Nicole B.

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Joining EVO TKD has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my son. Master Kyle, his wife Vanessa, and their entire staff of tutors and instructors consistently show their love, dedication, and commitment not only to my son's Taekwondo development, but overall. EVO TKD has been like a "one stop shop" for me...Taekwondo, after school program, and summer camp. The places they go, and the things they do and learn are amazing. My 9 yr old started swimming with Master Kyle's help. Since the beginning of the school year, he has been attending their after school program, and the change that he has made academically is amazing. Not only have his grades improved, but his focus has improved as well. As a single mother, I am so grateful to have found a program with reasonable prices, where I know that my son is learning, having fun, and that Master Kyle and his wife Vanessa have my child's best interests at heart. I cannot say enough about EVO TKD. We love it! 

Tiya C.

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